5 Effective Ways to Expand Your Business’s Online Presence

5 Methods for Successfully Expanding Your Online Presence

People are using the internet and search engines to look for business at an increasing rate. According to a survey of Google users, 49 percent of the respondents say they use the search engine to look for new items and products. The same survey revealed that 60 percent of people who own smartphones used the search engine’s “click to call” option to directly contact businesses they found online.

These numbers should make it abundantly clear how important building a robust online presence is to a business. Below are five ways can you expand your online presence effectively without breaking the bank.

Use Social Media

Social media has become an immensely powerful tool for businesses and individuals to create a name for themselves. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to bolster your presence. Regular Facebook posts let people find your business and allows you to interact with them easily. Image-driven platforms like Instagram are great for showcasing your products visually and now have features that allow them to integrate with online shopping easily.

Develop an App

There are hundreds of millions of smartphone users around the world and every one of them can download apps into their mobile devices. Although apps are primarily thought of and used for entertainment, businesses can also develop apps to increase their utility and presence.

For example, realtors can use a house-selling app to reach out to more clients and gyms develop fitness apps to coach their clients effectively. Developing an app can also make it easier for potential customers to immerse themselves in your business.

Create a Blog

People go on the internet to look for new information and business can provide them with the knowledge that they’re looking for. Starting a blog on a website or on your social media account can help draw users and potential customers to your business. Keep in mind that the topic of your blog should be connected to your business’s product and services. For example, a health food store’s blog posts could be concerned with eating vegan while travelling or delicious recipes with quinoa.

Make Videos

People are naturally visual creatures and you can garner a lot more attention by making videos than by publishing blog post. Or you can liven up your blog by embedding videos in them. Your videos should be a combination of informational and entertaining. They’ll also be more effective if you make videos on subject matters that your business is involved in. If your business is a lawn maintenance provider, you can make videos on proper care for lawn mowers or how to prepare lawns for the winter.

Reach Out Through Email

It may seem that email is no longer relevant, given the proliferation of instant messaging apps, but it’s still a powerful marketing tool. Gmail alone has more than 1.5 billion active users around the world. You can reach out to both existing and potential customers through emails. You can use emails to inform customers of upcoming sales or start a survey on how you can improve your services. Emails are also a great way to receive suggestions and comments on your business.

Your business’s online presence is now an essential facet to any enterprise. Cultivating it is key to ensuring your business becomes a success instead of slipping into obscurity.


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