7 Best Torrent Sites That REALLY works in 2020


There are millions of users across the globes who haven’t heard about the torrent sites. Well, it is not at all discouraging since we do not recommend torrent sites for all your stuff, especially which could have copyright infringement.

First time users are not sure over the torrent sites that are active and provide safe and reliable torrents. Many torrent sites claim to offer high-quality content but it could not be so in reality. Some obsolete websites could have their proxy sites running and which might be prone to hacker’s attack.

Not sure, what to do or want to know the active torrent sites that are working in 2020. This article will come handy.


The Pirate Bay

It is undoubtedly the best torrent site that is actively running in 2020. True, it has experienced several shutdowns, but somehow they have managed to keep running the show without major interruptions. Indeed, their websites have faced several shutdowns, and seizures of equipment lead to the downtime of the websites, but they have returned quickly with a new domain name or a proxy/mirror site.

The Pirate Bay has one of the highest numbers of followers because of its high-quality torrents across all the categories. They have millions of entertainment media related to movies, TV shows, e-books, games, etc.

The user interface is quite simple to use. When you search for content using their search box, the results are displayed with the top-ranking torrents at the first. It also offers you the flexibility of sorting the results based on the date of upload, file size, etc. they have a skull-based system (VIP badge) to filter out the genuine and quality torrents.

The registration is optional and so your identity will be anonymous except to keep yourself safe from the watchdogs.


Zoogle is one of the torrent sites that has been able to maintain its domain name due to its policy of providing torrents without any kind of copyright breach. They also do not encourage uploading of any illegal torrent. If they find one in their index, it will be automatically removed. They have been climbing the success ladder pretty quickly as compared to their competitors. The founders have restricted the torrents on movies and TV shows only. Rarely, you will be able to find a few games, software, or e-books.

The site has a neat and clean layout with a friendly user interface. On top of it, you will not find many advertisements, unlike other torrent sites. Some of the torrents are even available in different resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc.


It is one of the active websites that offer hundreds of thousands of torrents. The website page might be outdated, but you are guaranteed to get high-quality music, games, and videos. The basic information such as IMDb rating, year of release, castings, and genre is displayed against the torrents. The user interface is quite simple and easy to use. It gives you the flexibility to view the poster of the torrent file on the search results page before you start downloading the file.

There is a different section that offers the video previews of upcoming movies and TV shows. A list of top 10 downloads for the different categories are available to get an insight into the current download trends on the internet.

Many countries like England, UAE, Ireland have banned this website. The downloads are free.

Kickass torrents

Kickass Torrents has been shut down owing to the arrest of its founder but the mirror or proxy sites have been gaining popularity to be amongst the best torrent sites in 2020. It also has a huge library of digital entertainment like the Pirate Bay.

The site provides the most trending and popular torrents on the top of the page. Their fan count is increasing due to less annoying advertisements and tagging the recent videos.


It has been in demand since the shutdown of Kickass Torrents and the downtime of the Pirate Bay and has also given the opportunities to grow.

The founders keep enhancing their websites with new layouts and functions. However, they have changed from .pl to the .to domain to continue appearing on the search engine display results. You can also manually type the domain in the address bar to access the website.

You can browse games, songs, movies, documents and provide a list of top 100 torrents. It also offers trending torrent lists and top 100 torrents. You can play a torrent file and download it without any registration. It also facilitates access to the torrents from other torrent sites Lime torrents, Kickass, The Pirate Bay, etc.


This is a must on your list if you are only downloading movies over the internet and are looking for a good torrent site that focuses on movies. It will simply yield no results for any other category. The best part is that they provide high-quality torrents. One of the reasons for its popularity is the speedy download of the torrents. There are many seeders and leechers for the torrents which can download the torrent within a few hours.

When you have limited bandwidth, this will help you with top-quality videos but with small file sizes. You will also experience a clean and neat user interface. You can download the torrents for free and also be able to read reviews and synopsis of the movies.


Unlike The Pirate Bay, this is not a torrent site but has an index for about 90+ different torrent sites. It is similar to Google working, we enter the keywords in the search box on their webpage, and it searches all its databases and displays the relevant results with recommendations. The keywords entered should be checked as improper keywords might land you up with irrelevant results and many options getting missed out.

When the filters are set to verified, you will only see those torrents that are verified category.

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