Startup Website in No Time – 8b Simple Website Builder Review

Startup Website in No Time - 8b Simple Website Builder Review

Whether you know how to code or not, it isn’t a big issue anymore as you can build some top-quality websites using 8b web builder. The website made using 8b website builder are responsive and are provided with HTTPS SSL certificate which helps the website to grow higher on search engine rankings easily.

What is 8b website builder?

8b website builder is an online tool which can make you good quality websites which are responsive as well as multipurpose to users in no time. All you need to do is, follow some simple steps and you can have your own website with free hosting along with SSL certificate on it using its drag and drop feature to design the website. 8b is also helpful in Mobile Web Builder.

How to Create a Simple Website?

Making your own website and then publishing it on the internet using the 8b online website builder isn’t a tedious task as you can do so by using its drag and drop feature and follow the steps mentioned below. Internet speed test online let you check the speed of connection.

Sign up on Website

To start with your website, you need to sign up on 8b website or log in if you have already signed up. You can also sign up using your Gmail or Facebook ID.

Choose a Template for your website

Then you need to select a template for your website. Here, you can find templates for websites across various niches which are also responsive to mobile and other devices.

Customize your website

In this step, you can edit the website on your own by altering the customizable and resizable properties available such as headers, menus, footers, add your contacts, insert tables and also add some of your content and strategies to the websites.

Publish it on the web

In the final step, you can publish the customised website by going into settings on the custom domain or even on your own domain.

In case if you have any queries and doubts regarding the involved steps to how to make your own website on 8b website builder, you can refer to video tutorial here.

Pros and Cons

Unique design and templates

The website provides a huge collection of design and a bunch of templates to its users to include in their site.

Google AMP Support

The free builder supports Google AMP which makes load websites faster and makes them more responsive and also provides better UI.

Free Hosting

Using this tool, you can host your finished website for free of cost along with no advertising on your site.

Responsive Design

Using the AMP platform, the website editor is capable of providing responsive website along with faster loading time. The website is responsive to adjusting the screen size and on different screening platforms. You can also preview the dimensions on mobile by clicking on the mobile icon on finishing the website.


8b website builder is a great tool available online for people wishing to start their own website although they don’t have any knowledge in coding. One can easily start working on their site by signing up and then selecting a perfect layout for their website.

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