How to Add Music to Instagram Videos

Now you can easily Add Music to Instagram Videos with the help of some tools. Onwards if you upload any video on the Instagram then you can add your favorite track to the video and then upload that on the Instagram. You can add track or music to any of your videos.

As Instagram is one of the best Social Media Platform where users share their favorite videos, images, and memories with their followers. If you upload any photo or video on the Instagram then you will have an option of adding filters which you can apply to video or photo.

add music to instagram videos

Unfortunately, still, there is no option on Instagram of adding Music to the Videos which are being uploaded. That’s why you will need a third party tool to add music to Instagram videos. There are various applications or tools available on the Internet which can help you in adding music to the videos. But here we have shared some of the cool applications which will make your task more easier of adding music to videos.


How to Add Music to Instagram Videos

The process of adding Music to Instagram Videos is quite easier you just need to have a perfect tool which can do this task of adding music. Here I have shared some of the awesome tools which will help you in this task. Have a look below to know more about those tools.

#1 InstaVideo

This is the very first tool for adding the Music to Instagram Videos and the most important thing about this tool or application is that this tool is helpful if you need videos only for uploading on Instagram. If you want to upload videos to Youtube or somewhere else then this tool is not perfect for you. You can use this for uploading on Instagram only. This tool is specially built for Instagram users to add music tracks on the Instagram videos.

#2 VidLab

Another good tool for adding Music to Videos is the VidLab which is quite helpful in adding Music Tracks to Videos and along with adding music you can trim, crop etc with the help of this tool. Before adding music to videos you should have downloaded the music track on your mobile phone after that you can add your favorite track to the video without any hassle.

#3 Background Music for Video

Here is another application for Instagram users which helps in adding Music to Instagram videos. The good thing about this application is that it is available for iOS & Android both users. This is a handy and lightweight tool which does the task of adding Music tracks to videos.

Note: If you add copyrighted music stuff on your videos then there are chances that Instagram will remove your video or the music will be muted if there is any copyright claim. So, it is recommended to use the copyright free music tracks on the videos.

Final Verdict:

I hope that you have got an idea that how to Add Music to Instagram Videos. If still you are unable to add music tracks or having any query related to this then please feel free to ask that in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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