Android App Development- Reasons Why You Need It for Your Business

Android App Development- Reasons Why You Need It for Your Business

App development has become a long way. From designing desktop applications to mobile applications, the process of development has become both simplistic and complex. Simplistic due to the number of tools and IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) available for young developers, along with huge communities of developers banding together to help each other. Complex due to the high competition and demand of advanced functionality.


Most Prominent Market Share

One of the most prominent market in this field is android app development. Android, as an operating system, has evolved immensely in the past decade. From gingerbread to pie, Android has continuously improved itself and made way for the OS in all major smartphones. The contribution is partly due to the open-nature of Android, which has allowed it to come on top with fewer or almost no restrictions. As of June 2019, it holds a market share of 76.03% far leaving behind iOS and other OS platforms. Due to this, the demand of android developers has also rose sharply.

Growing market of android applications have pushed business owners and individuals to make mobile-counterpart of their desktop applications, which is able to fit in a cellular dimension. Moreover, this is made easier as Android offers great freedom to its developers when creating apps.

Developing an Android application is easy as its fully written in Java. Any android application you wish to create must also be written in Java. You can also write your application in C or C++ with the use of Android Studio, however, it is not recommended by Google.

Perfect Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, android apps provide a great opportunity to reach a wide variety of audience. Today, most people own a smartphone with various applications running on them. Android apps provide a vital marketing platform to business owners. They can offer their services right in the hand of the people and make accessing their business and services much easier. Different types of applications can be created and used on Android, owing to its open nature.

Reasons Why You Need To Have An Android Application

Every business owner has a fixed reason for offering a service and that is to maximize the profits. In order to do this, it is crucial to for an effective marketing strategy to be in place that can make the service available to a large customer base. This is why making a presence in user’s smartphone through an android application can be such a smart move.

  1. Android applications are widely available on Google Play store. Play store is the largest mobile app store in the world and it witnesses a large amount of visitors download multiple apps for various uses. Therefore, by putting your app on play store, you are putting yourself in front of thousands of potential customers.
  2. Being on the play store means that you are trustworthy and following Google’s policy. Each app, before it is approved to be on the store, goes through a quality check.
  3. By being on the play store, you can push any update to the app effortlessly. Moreover, your users will all receive a notification in their smartphones and also know if you have released a new feature by reading the changelog.
  4. Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides an effective and cost-saving way for developers to develop apps that are configured for play store and Google’s policy.

If you are looking to make your presence known to a large volume of potential users, you need to get your android application ready as soon as possible. In the coming years as Android evolves even further, more competition will rise soon!

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