App Store Optimization – What are the factors which affects your App Store rankings?

Since the inception of smart phones, the sphere of applications (apps) has gone through a lot of changes. With the launch of several apps every now and then it is of exceeding importance that the app store is optimized. The optimization has a very crucial role to play in order to get your apps discovered amidst the crowd of over 2 million apps. The ASO focuses on improving the rankings of mobile applications directly within app stores (Google Play, iTunes, and windows store) of your iPhone or iPad, Android, and Windows phone.


What is App Store Optimization is all about?

App Store Optimization is something that is often overlooked by app developers, as once an app is developed, they focus mostly on marketing techniques like blogging, social media, advertising, etc. ASO is the process by which mobile apps are optimized to achieve higher ranks in the app store’s search results.

This ranking increases your visibility and helps reach you to your potential customers. Surveys show that most people find the app they are looking for through the app store search. So when your visibility increases, it naturally generates more traffic to your app’s page in the app store.

Increase in search rate

The prime benefit of app store optimization is increasing the visibility of the app, which can be achieved by combining keywords with proper categorization of the app. It is important to research proper keywords and modify them from time to time. You can also use the store’s search auto-complete option to help you recognize a popular combination of keywords in case you have missed. The factors which generate more searches are as follows:

  • Title-The title of the app also very crucial as the words you choose in the title act as keywords so you must ensure that you add high ranking words. The title, therefore, should be short and must give the user an explicit idea about the app.

  • App description-The description of your app should be clear and effective explaining how it works and its benefits.

  • Logo/Icon-The logo of an app commercializes it, therefore, a simple and straightforward logo representing the brand is very important.

  • Screenshot-The feature of app screenshot makes the app more attractive and interesting. Right after going through app description, it is the screenshots that people hover over to find out if the app is really worth it or not.

  • Video demo- One of the most interactive ways to reach your audience is through a demo video. Creating a video and explaining the features and how it works creates interest in the minds of the customers and also generates a lot of downloads.

Organic installs

One of the best things about ASO is that no sooner your app gets higher ranks in search results, increasing your visibility than your organic downloads also increases. This feature lowers your acquisition cost to a bare minimum. The increased number of organic installs prompts other users to make further downloads from the app store, maintaining the consistency of your rank in the app store search.

Proper exposure in the relevant sphere

Before optimizing your app, you must have a clear idea about your target customers. Once that is sorted, the work becomes much easier. When your app is App Store Optimized, your app will only be seen by only those people looking for it. If you are using the same keywords that your target users are searching or the app description is apt, and the category you have selected is appropriate, then there are high chances that your app will have the visibility in front of the right user.

Increased revenue by monetizing

One of the most common ways to monetize your app is to sell it to advertisers. In-app purchases are also another  way to monetize your app. If you have a gaming app, users then have the option to upgrade their skills or get lives, and this generates revenue automatically for your app. Further, the premium version of several apps is value added.  Once an app is created, some app makers also look for sponsors who will have their branding on the app. These are a few ways an app can get monetized and also ASO benefits you in terms of increased revenue from the extra downloads you receive.


The regular flow of downloads and revenue gives the app maker stability in the long run. Some app developers spend an exorbitant amount of money for the marketing of their products, which may result in the generation of a few users in the beginning, but this only works for the short- term. It is better planning to do marketing once the pace of the downloads has slowed down. However, with a little time and effort spent each week on improving and updating your app store will reap better results in the long run.

The app developers now have nothing to worry since App Store Optimization is there to reduce all the worries. It not only saves a large amount of money, which would erstwhile have been spent on extensive marketing of the apps, but also provides a lot of stability, generates ample revenue, reaches target customer without much hassle. So all the app developers out there hurry up and grab the top ranking on the app store.

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