AutoZone’s New Website Design Released!

It is easier than ever before to find the parts you need. The latest auto retailer ecommerce innovation makes it possible to easily shop for any vehicle you own. Creating a customer account allows you to save vehicle specifications and identify OEM and aftermarket car parts that are most likely to fit your car, sport utility vehicle or truck. This feature is helpful for  determining what size windshield wipers do I need


Adding Your Vehicle to Autozones Website

Click or tap the option to add a vehicle and select the year, make, model and engine type. Once you have entered a vehicle, you can sign in to link this vehicle to your account. Managing your vehicle allows you to add details such as service history and maintenance scheduling. This make it easier to remember to do important upkeep such as oil changes and replacing air filters and wiper blades.

Sign in to save one or more vehicles to your account. This step makes it simple to shop for parts for all of the cars, SUVs or trucks you need to repair. Simply select the vehicle and narrow down the results of searches and options shown while browsing to parts that fit. You can also access free do-it-yourself auto repair guides and opt in to receive service reminders, recall notices and other important alerts about the vehicles in your account.

How To Quikly Find Compatible Car Parts

If you just search for the parts you need, the results you get may or may not fit your vehicle. The top results in most initial searches are the best-selling parts that meet the search terms. When you sign into an account pre-loaded with specifications for one or more vehicles, it is as simple as selecting the right vehicle before searching or browsing for parts. Keep in mind that all of the parts shown may not provide the right fit for every submodel of a vehicle. It is important to confirm fitment based on part details or numbers.

The fastest way to find the exact parts you need is to reference the manual for your vehicle. You can search for a part number to find OEM and aftermarket parts that are compatible with your vehicle. If you don’t have the manual handy, try entering your vehicle specifications on the website. Some parts have fitment details under product information. You can also call or chat with customer service about whether parts are compatible. Arrange to pick up parts or have an order delivered.

The redesigned website makes it easy to add vehicles to your account and shop for parts that fit the cars, SUVS or trucks in your account. Sign in to link your vehicles with your customer information to save service records and arrange for notifications about scheduled maintenance. Once a vehicle is on your account, it is much faster and easier to find the right parts for repair or upkeep. Make sure that you have the right vehicle selected when shopping for parts if you have more than one vehicle on your account.

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