Bcmon Apk Download for Android {Latest Version}

Bcmon Apk is an application for Android users which let you monitor all the wireless networks which are associated locally. With the help of Bcmon App, you can analyze the network security of any wireless network.

Generally, this application was developed to analyze the security of wireless networks but there are some people who misuse it use Bcmon to hack the wireless networks. If you are having a Wireless network then here we will recommend you to use the Bcmon Apk.

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Bcmon Apk
Bcmon Apk


What is Bcmon?

If you are new and never heard of the Bcmon Apk then let me tell you that Bcmon is a network analysis toolkit which checks the vulnerability of Wireless network. Another thing about the Bcmon is that you can use Bcmon app only if you have a rooted device. If you have a rooted device then you must Download SuperSU Zip.

Before installing the Bcmon app make sure that you have rooted device properly as it will require the SuperSU permissions. If you do not have a rooted device then you need to root your mobile phone at first. There are various applications to root Android devices, you can use any which suitable for your smartphone.

About Bcmon App

App Name Bcmon Apk
App Version v2.0
Android Version v2.3+
Last Updated 11 April 2018
Price Free
Official Website XDA
Availability Apk Available
Root Required Yes
Platform Android
No of Downloads 1,458,400+

Download Bcmon Apk

Before using Bcmon App you must have Reaver App installed on your mobile phone. So here you need to download Reaver and Bcmon both applications. Below we have shared the direct download of both applications. Usage and installation process is mentioned below.

Reaver Apk

Download Bcmon

How to Install Bcmon App?

If you are new to installing Apk files manually then you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • For installing the Bcmon App on your mobile phone you need to enable the Apk files installation from Unknown Sources. To do this go to Application Settings of your mobile phone and enable the installation from there.
  • Once you have enabled the installations then download the Apk package file shared above.
  • Open the Apk package file and click on the Install button.
  • Wait few seconds and let the installation process complete.
  • Once you install the Bcmon application then install the Reaver Apk also by following the same steps.

Requirements for Using Bcmon App

  • You must have a rooted device.
  • Reaver should be installed on your mobile phone.
  • Bcmon apk installed.
  • Working Internet connection.

How to Use Bcmon App

  • At first, make sure that your mobile phone is rooted properly. To check the root status you can download Root Checker application from the Google Play Store.
  • Now install Reaver on your mobile phone.
  • Now install and open the Bcmon application.
  • Download Root Explorer on your mobile.
  • Let the Bcmon app install required tools.
  • Now open Root Explorer and browse for bcmon apk folder.
  • Select the folder and press view.
  • Then open assets.
  • Now copy all the files to root/data/data/com.bcmon.bcmon/files
  • If there is existing folder or file of same name then delete that.
  • Now browse for com.bcmon.bcmon/files/tools/reaver
  • Keep pressing on it and open the permissions.
  • Check the all execute boxes.
  • Then in tools long press enable_bcmon and give it execute rights (all) and press OK.
  • Open Reaver and scan for the available networks.
  • Look for the networks which are shown green and have good range.
  • Then head to settings and monitor mode setting and uncheck the use bcmon and load all the
    scripts properly.
  • while loading (selecting) scripts start.sh is the activation script,warm.sh is the warm up script and stop.sh is the stop script. #
  • Scroll down and check the debugging mode.
  • Boom! Now you can get access to the Wireless network.

Is Bcmon App safe for Android?

As far as I know, Bcmon is completely safe for Android devices and will not create any problem for your device. You can run the scan on your mobile phone there are no malware or any harmful file in the Bcmon application. The only thing you need for running Bcmon App is the rooted device.

If your device is rooted properly then there is no issue, but if you are trying to root your mobile phone for the first time then there can be some issues. So before rooting your device, make sure you take the complete backup of your personal files.


If you want to analyze the security of your Wireless network then Bcmon is the perfect application for you. It will let you know whether your network has vulnerabilities or not. If you are having any query related to Bcmon or facing any issue in using or installation then feel free to ask your query below in the comments section. We will be happy to hear from you.

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