Best ELD Devices for Fleets in 2019

Most advanced fleet companies have been a success because they use technology to achieve their goals. Among the many fleet solutions, there are electronic logging devices (ELDs) for drivers. Although some fleet companies are still using the old method of filing hardcopy files, those who have adopted ELD technology can confirm that it has numerous benefits.

In some countries like the USA, trucks and commercial vehicles must have ELD devices installed, which are synchronized with the engine to track the hours of service (HoS) and monitor driver behavior among many other things. Before we look at the best devices that you can buy, let us look at how ELDs work.


How ELDs Work

So, now that you have decided to install this fleet solution to monitor your trucks’ operations, it is crucial to understand how it works. First, the hardware devices are bought from reliable experts, and then they are connected to the engines as specified. Drivers are issued a mobile gadget that resembles a tablet that synchronizes with the installed ELD devices. They can log in to execute various operations as required.

On the other hand, managers can also access the installed ELD devices remotely and in real-time using software that synchronizes with them. That is why you should visit this website because a reliable ELD solution is needed in any fleet.

Best ELD Solutions to Consider

  •         E-log by Eyeride – the first thing you will notice when researching these FMCSA ELDs is that they are simple to use but very detailed. Therefore, monitoring and tracking the records of duty are easy, and this is done in real time. Eyeride offers the best customer support and frequent updates to make sure that the devices are up to date.
  •         Garmin – this American fleet solution provider has some of the most amazing e-log devices that are FMCSA compliant as well. Drivers and fleet managers can easily see when the driver started working and the remaining time to work among many other reports. Just like other reliable ELDs, it is durable and efficient.
  •         AT&T – they offer a wide variety of fleet solutions. When it comes to e-log solutions, their aim is to help fleet companies to track the HoS and RoD and generate many other reports related to how drivers are working. They have also been registered and comply with various authorities to ensure their clients receive high-quality services.
  •         Ezlogz – it comes in the form of an app, which makes it easy to use for both drivers and managers. This solution provider has ensured that all legal requirements are met so that their clients can have the necessary solutions while tracking the e-log activities of their trucks and CMVs. 


Well, there are many other e-log solutions that you can find out there, but these are the most popular. When choosing one from this list or even any other, be sure to understand how it operates and make certain that it suits your company. You should also research their history of software updates. With all these in mind, you will obtain a reliable solution to improve your fleet operations.

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