Best Portfolio Templates to Easily Set Up Your Portfolio Website

If you are searching for a full-time job or even for a freelancing gig, you need to convince your prospective employers that you have what it takes to perform the job and to deliver top-notch results. A spectacular portfolio is what you need to sell your skills and yourself. Otherwise, without an impressive and convincing portfolio, your chances of acing the recruitment process and getting the job offer are zilch.

A portfolio website comes in handy to show your skills and expertise. Rather than starting from scratch to build a portfolio website, you can make use of some handy portfolio website templates. Here are some portfolio html templates that you can use to set up your portfolio website easily and quickly:


1. Evan Robertson – Personal Multipage Clean HTML Bootstrap Website Template

Do you want to make a strong impression on your prospective employer to improve your chances of landing that dream job that you so desire? What about winning over the clients by impressing them, thus getting halfway to obtaining new projects? All you need is this portfolio template, and you will not have to worry about getting a job again. However, a good number of photographers, writers, designers, and others do not have a portfolio website, which reduces their chances of landing jobs. The template has a superb design and a white-gray color scheme that is so serene. Additionally, it has some appealing yellow accents. It is complete with everything that the client needs to decide to hire you—a portfolio page with four different gallery layouts, a blog with four different variants of content display, and close to 20 ready-made pages for easy site creation. Other features include:

· It is search-engine friendly, so you will have more online visibility.

· It is a parallax template—the technique by which foreground elements, like photos, move faster than those in the background.

· It is responsive, meaning that it adapts well to the screens of different resolutions, thus displaying well on all devices.

· It is a Bootstrap web template—Bootstrap is an open-source framework for creating websites—so it provides superior quality websites

2. Photographer Portfolio Website Template

Photographers eyeing big gigs should set up a photographer’s website, and with this template they will have the site up and running in a short amount of time, hassle-free. The template creates an excellent photo album portfolio website, which offers the visitors an amazing and pleasant customer experience. You can have a significant amount of content on a single web page, thanks to the perfect page layout arrangement. The template is also responsive, so clients can view from whichever device without the content being compromised.

3. Construction Company Website Template

The web template meant for building companies’ websites can revamp the sites’ appearance. It is fully responsive, making it possible for all interested persons to view the website from any device with great results. It is a perfect and suitable solution for any builder contractor or building firm. With the appealing and dynamic website design, winning over the customers’ hearts will be easier than you have ever thought possible.

4. Travel Agency Website Template

The template comes with a neat, easy-to-view design and has numerous multimedia options. Thanks to its layout, you can modify the template to create a site travel agency, travel tour operator, and even a cruise travel agency. The carefully created and arranged web design enables viewers to see all the crucial details, and allows you to display all the content in a very friendly way for easy browsing.

5. Design Studio Responsive Website Template

As a designer, this template will draw online users’ attention to your design studio blog, website, or office. The template is quite easy to customize to suit the needs of the design studio firm or coordinator, as it was crafted with the users’ needs in mind. The most amazing features of this template include:

· It has a portfolio, thus the design firm or studio can present its major experiences and projects in a convenient way. The portfolio is a perfect way to be artistic with your work and about yourself, and it raises the chances of winning a satisfied and impressed clientele.

· It is responsive, so it adapts to the display size of all types of gadgets for great images/content viewing.

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