The Cost of Designing and Developing a Corporate Website


All businesses are irrespective of how and where it operates need a website. The cost of a business website is in the range of $50,000 to $10,000. However, you consider many factors to arrive at its costs. This article discusses aspects that consider the design and development of a website, such as research, design, development, and maintenance. Write My Paper experts helped us with their experience to make this article live. From this design, research and development are one-off costs, while upgrades and maintenance are recurrent costs.


Factors affecting the price of business website

Small business website costs include the following components.

  • Site size or number of pages
  • The technology stack
  • Design type
  • Integrations
  • Development and design teams
  • The starting marketing, content, and SEO

The above factors determine the cost of designing and developing a website for a business. Website developers charge varying amounts depending on their country of residence. Consider the following options when selecting your design and development team. Hire a full-time team, outsource the work, engage a development agency, and consider freelancers.

Website size

The size of a website has a direct correlation to the number of web pages. Website pages, in turn, affect the cost of the website. For corporate websites, the number of web pages ranges from 25 to 75 in number. The corporate website pages should include the following: Homepage, contact us, about careers, service pages, investors, and us. A huge percentage of design and development costs will go to service pages since it varies with the company. You can decide to have a single page for each service or combine two or more services on a single page.


After deciding the number of pages, the next factor is complexity. With complexity, you have a range of product personalization and customization. Under complexity, consider the following: Third-party integrations and design complexity.

Third-party integrations: This is a factor of the website functionality. For a corporate website, you need to integrate it with functions such as e-commerce, payment gateways, and email.

The design or redesign complexity: Websites should delight, attract, and impress customers and viewers. Therefore, a bland or dull website is not desirable. Similarly, you do not need to use AI systems and high-end functions. The gist of the matter is to deliver a website that is a working solution, simple, and smooth. To assist you with the design complexity, consider using the following: ready-made templates, component libraries, custom user interface, and branding.

Website design, technology stack

Technology stack is about tools, software, and technologies for designing and building the corporate website. It includes aspects such as design, backend, frontend, CMS, and mark-up language. Selection of an appropriate set of tools and technologies may either decrease or increase the cost. The use of the right tools will enable you to optimize the costs. On the other hand, if you choose appropriate tools for the business environment, risk spending more money than necessary.

Website development team

You will need the following professionals’ services to deliver on your corporate website project: tester, mark-up developer, marketer, designer, and project manager. The team selection has a profound impact on the overall project.

The type of regions and executors

Outsource the work, engage a local agency, or engage freelancers.

Design of business website

The build website design depends on several other factors such as integrations, deployment, coding or development, designing, prototyping, UX and UI, and structuring.

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