COVID-19: Notable Changes in Consumer Behaviours

COVID-19: Notable Changes in Consumer Behaviours

The business industry, among many others, is currently experiencing the greatest impact and adjustments from this pandemic and undoubtedly will, for quite some time, post-pandemic. As consumers who merely rely on these businesses for our daily necessities, we are forced to make major temporary adjustments, which many embraced now as the “new normal.” But how exactly do consumers adapt to the new normal?


Spending more on e-commerce

Many physical businesses had transitioned to online platforms when the first time lockdowns were implemented. But when almost the entire U.S. was in quarantine, there has been a significant increase in the number of consumers counting on e-commerce for food and household supplies. According to a survey by Ipsos and USA Today, there has been an increase of 28% from the month before.

As a result, traditional retailers face major closures and job losses, which has been happening ever since the notable start of e-commerce but is worsening with the pandemic still in effect. Although relatively far from completely disappearing, physical retail businesses are encouraged to step up and blend in with the innovations in their industry to survive. They may start by signing up and creating a Shopify website design,or they may try other e-commerce platforms like Wix and Dashnex.

Changes in daily routine

Since being at home is a huge adjustment for everyone since the pandemic started, changes in daily routine have become inevitable. People spend more time on their leisure–watching and streaming videos and TV shows on media platforms. Their social media consumption has increased, and their typical cleaning routine has become more intensive; hence, more time-consuming.

According to a Global Web Index survey, 40% of the respondents are using their Smart TV and streaming devices since the start of the pandemic. No matter what their purpose is, be it to watch their favourite series or watch the news coverage, this only means that with the way people are adapting to the changes at home, the media industry is in huge benefit.

Minimised outdoor activities

The virus that carries COVID-19 spreads easily, especially in public places. With this, people’s initial reaction when cases started to arise is to limit the number of times they go outside and to go out when it’s to buy food, medicine, or other emergency reasons. There have been some surveys also that see a sudden increase in consumers’ unwillingness to eat out in the fear that they’ll contract the virus. Because of that, restaurants that don’t deliver before have been forced to do so. On the other hand, some of those that deliver ever since now offer free delivery to persuade customers with food delivery.

The demand for grocery delivery also skyrocketed. Even those who have never done online groceries before are now finding themselves switching to online grocery shopping. And this makes online grocery platforms like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and Walmart Grocery busier than ever before while their orders and sales are spiking up.

Delayed purchases

Now that people fear for their job security, they focus on spending most of their money with immediate daily needs. The plan of buying a new phone or upgrading their car has been delayed due to the job uncertainties. There have been some studies that suggest that the majority of the consumers have decided not to make big purchases until the outbreak ends.

So what can brands do about it? People are now being particular with how brands are taking initiatives against the pandemic. Supporting your customers in these trying times will go a long way. Remember that this is a global crisis everyone’s facing, so stepping up will give your brand an edge in today’s and the future’s market.

The rise in the virtual workforce

As companies close their physical offices, people are being forced to do remote work. Surprisingly, a lot are finding themselves more productive working from home than in a standard workplace setting. That makes professional consumers consider this as their long-term setup.

In return, employers are looking for ways to make this set up more comfortable with their employees- buying all they need to maintain work productivity. And businesses that sell office equipment and software companies are making the most profit in this situation.

This pandemic is incomparable to any other crisis the world has ever faced. But one thing is for sure; humanity has never fought a battle this kind that it never triumphed. These adjustments might be too much now. But who knows? It might be the solution that we’ve always been finding. No matter how sure this will all be done, it’s just a matter of when.

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