Fix ‘There is a Problem Parsing the Package’ Error

Android is the most popular Operating System these days and people love to use Android devices. The main reason for the Android being popular is having a large number of applications available for the Android and its customizations.

Sometimes Android users may face an error saying There is a problem parsing the package while installing any application. This is a common error and faced by many users. There are various reasons and various solutions to fix this error.

Here in this article, we will discuss that how to Fix There is a problem parsing the package on Android mobile phone. Follow this article till the end to know more about.

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there is a problem parsing the package error
There is a Problem Parsing the Package


Why ‘There is a Problem Parsing the Package’ Error Occurs?

There are various reasons which cause this error and one of the most common cause is corrupted file. Whenever you try to install any Corrupted Apk file on your Android device then there are chances that you will end up facing this error.

Another reason for this error is that you might not have enabled the installations from Unknown Sources on your device. If both of the issues are not causing this error then there is a chance that the file you are trying to install is not compatible with the hardware of your Operating System.

There can be another reason is that some security application on your device is not allowing the installation of external applications.

Fix There is a Problem Parsing the Package Error

There are various ways to fix this error and you will have to try this one by one to get rid of this error. As this error has various causes so there are various solutions also. Have a look at the solutions below.

Fix #1: Allow Installations from Unknown Sources

The very first solution to get rid of this error is via enabling the installations from Unknown Sources. If you have not enabled the installations of applications from third-party sources then you need to enable it before installing any package file.

To enable the Unknown Sources to open Settings of your mobile phone go to Applications then Security and from there enable the installations from Unknown Sources.

Fix #2: Corrupted Apk File

If you have downloaded the corrupted Apk file or the downloading process is not completed then you may get this error. Redownload the Apk package file properly and then try again installing the application. But if still, you are facing the error that means the applications is not supported by your Hardware OS.

Fix #3: Download from Google Play Store

Check if the file or application you are trying to install is available on Google Play Store or not. If the application is available in the Google Play Store then install it from Play Store. If the application gets installed with Play Store and not done with Apk package file that means your Apk package file has some issues.

Fix #4: Incompatible Application

There are some applications which do not support the older versions of Android. Suppose that your device has Android Version 4.0 and the application you are trying to install requires Android Version 4.2+ then there are chances that you will end up facing Parse Packaging error.

So before installing the file make sure that whether your device is supported by application or not.

Fix #5: Disable Antivirus

Sometimes if you have installed Antivirus on your mobile phone then you may end up facing this error. Some Antivirus doesn’t allow the installations from Unknown Sources or there are some files which have security issues in such cases you will end up getting Parse Error.

If you have installed any Antivirus on your mobile phone and you are facing Parse Error then please disable your Antivirus first and then try installing the apk package file.

Fix #6: Check App’s Manifiest File

This fix is for those people who keep messing with the Android apps Manifiest file. If you have made some changes to apps Androidmanifest.xml file then restores it to the normal state.

Also, make sure that you have not changed the apk package file name if you have done so then reset it to default. There are some other things also which can be modified if you have modified the application then reset it to default and then try installing it again.

Fix #7: Enable USB Debugging

This is the last fix to get rid of Parse Error on Android Devices. Sometimes to install the apk package file on Android’s you need to have USB Debugging enabled. If you have not enabled the USB Debugging then try enabling the USB debugging and install the application again.

To enable the USB Debugging, go to Settings of your mobile and open Developer Options from there you need to enable the USB Debugging.

Final Verdict:

This was a complete guide on How to Fix There is a problem parsing the package Error on Android devices. If you are also facing the same error then follow the above-mentioned steps to get rid of this error.

I hope you have resolved the Package Parsing Error easily. Still, if you are unable to fix this error or having any query related to Package Parsing Error then please feel free to ask that in the comments section. We will be happy to help you. Also, please do not forget to spread the words with your friends by sharing this post with them.

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