GTA San Andreas Apk Download for Android

GTA San Andreas Apk is a game by Rockstar which also launched many other popular GTA games over the past decade. And today we will talk about GTA San Andreas and let you know how you can enjoy this game on your Android device.

Yes, you have heard it right you can now play GTA San Andreas on your mobile device as well. The GTA San Andreas game was launched for PC, PS, and XBOX in the year 2007 and since then it has created a benchmark for action, adventure game. So if you haven’t played this game then I suggest you play the game right now. And to make things more interesting as of now you can play the GTA San Andreas on your smartphone.

GTA San Andreas Apk
GTA San Andreas Apk


GTA San Andreas Apk

You don’t need to have a gaming device to play the Grand theft Auto San Andreas on your device as the graphics feature of the game allows you to adjust the graphics to your need. We will also provide you with the OBB file of the game which means you don’t need to look around to download the files of the game. Also, the OBB file we will be talking about will be the latest one with additional features.

So without further delay let us now have a look at how you can download the GTA San Andreas apk file and how to install it as well. We will also talk about where you need to store the OBB file of the GTA San Andreas game so you can enjoy from all the features that come along with it.

About GTA San Andreas apk:

  • Name of the game: GTA San Andreas Apk
  • The developer of Grand Theft Auto Vice City apk: Rockstar Games
  • File Size of the game: 20.80MB + additional file for OBB file.
  • Required Operating System: Android 4.1 or above
  • The latest version of the GTA Vice City: v2.07

As GTA San Andreas was launched for PS, Windows, OSX and now it is available for iOS and Android device users as well. And unlike other emulators that offer the same, here in this guide the apk with OBB file will offer with the complete game with additional missions as well. So, if you have already played the official game you can enjoy forming the extra mission that is updated through the obb files.

So, we are looking at the main mission of the game that you can play through, also beside the main mission you can also enjoy playing side mission and if that doesn’t enjoy you can start creating havoc in the street which means you will have to fight off a lot of cops where you go.

All the side missions and the main mission will have great weapons to choose from like small arms to large bazooka so you can blast off a lot of enemies or cops who are after you. And just like in the PC version where you could use cheat codes to bring down special items, here you will be able to do the same.

Sounds amazing right? Well, the features of the GTA San Andreas apk doesn’t just end here as you will have a lot more features to enjoy from which we will also talk about right here.

Features of GTA San Andreas Apk:

Here we will be talking about the features of GTA San Andreas which you can enjoy from if you download and install the OBB files from the link provided below. So let us have a look at the features in a shorthand.

  1. One of the best features of GTA San Andrea’s apk version offers with is the graphical control interface which is defiantly worth mentioning. With cool character models, customizable option and weather effects which is definitely a plus point while playing the game on the mobile device.
  2. The GTA San Andreas apk version supports the MOGA wireless gaming controller option. So if you playing the game on a tablet or smartphone you can easily use the controller rather then the on-screen controller which makes the gameplay really interesting.
  3. The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas offers with multiple language support. So you don’t have to worry about where you are from as you can play it on many other languages in addition to the English language.
  4. The OBB file that we have updated here will have expanded the map to play from with additional mission that you can choose to complete.
  5. The update will have many new cars, guns, equipment, and items to enjoy from.

So now that you know all about the features of GTA San Andreas, we will now tell you how to install the game on your android device.

 Steps to download and install GTA San Andreas apk:

Step 1: You will first need to download the apk file and OBB file of Grand theft San Andreas.

Download the Grand theft San Andreas apk file

Step 2: After you have downloaded the files, you will now need to allow 3rd party app to be installed on your device. So you will need to go the Setting option, then you will need to go to Security and Privacy and then find the option “Allow Unknown Sources”. Click on the box to get the green tick to enable “Allow Unknown Sources”.

Step 3: Now you can go ahead and click on the download apk file of the GTA Grand theft San Andreas apk file to start the installation by confirming it by clicking the confirm to install button.

Step 4: After the file has been installed you will now need to store the OBB file before launching the game. So, go to, SDcard/Android/obb and paste the OBB file right there in the GTA San Andreas folder.

Step 5: Now you can simply go ahead and click on the game from the homepage to enjoy playing it.


There you have it, you have successfully downloaded and installed the GTA San Andreas apk. You can now enjoy playing this action adventure game by Rockstar right on your mobile device. Also with updated OBB files, you will have a lot of extra mission to choose from which definitely a plus point for you. Moreover, that, if you are a fan of Grand theft Auto then this is a game that you can carry where you want to and play it on your android device. Also be it if you have a budget Android device or a high-end phone you can easily optimize the graphics to play the game.

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