How Customer Reviews Impact Businesses and What to Do About Them

If you own a business, it is good practice to Google your brand occasionally and see if you have either excellent or bad reputation. Looking at the data, you should then think about how you can improve your online reputation among consumers. You see, whatever comes out in the giant search engine’s results can either encourage or discourage customers to buy your products and trust your brand.

Studies show that most consumers check out online reviews first before making any purchase. This means that they do not just buy out of convenience. They base their purchasing decisions on a brand or product’s reputation. So, it is only important that you invest in tools and strategies that can help improve your online reputation.

If you have tons of negative feedback from customers, you cannot expect your business to attract more people and increase sales. And if this continues, you will also likely struggle to find potential franchisees for your business. Aside from these, Google and other search engines will not recommend your brand.


Engage with your customers

Most people want to transact with brands that respond immediately to their inquiries. It is best if you have accounts and pages on social media where you can interact real-time with your customers. For example, someone is asking if you can ship products to their location. You have to answer them immediately.

If they do not get an answer after a few hours or worse, for days, chances are they will just look for another company that can provide them with what they need. What is worse is when some of these people post negative comments online about your business. You need to prevent this from happening. If you do not have the time or the workforce for handling your online accounts and pages, you can always outsource social media marketing for your franchise.

Address negative feedback

Whenever you encounter negative feedback about your business, make it a point to handle it properly. “Control the damage” by responding the right way. For example, if a customer is complaining because of delayed delivery, you need to check the situation out. Make sure that you solve the issue and get back to the customer. Apologize sincerely and let them know that you are doing something to resolve their concerns.

Encourage loyal customers to share their experiences

Now, if you want to collect more positive reviews, you can politely ask satisfied customers to share their experiences with other customers. Highlight their feedback on your official website or any of your social media pages. This will improve your brand’s online reputation.

Consumers in the modern world know how to determine if a business can offer them high-quality products and services or not. So, you need to make sure that you can really deliver what they need. You should also improve your brand by finding innovative ways to grow your business. Do not forget to invest in tools and resources that can help attract more franchisees for your brand.

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