How To Find The Best Deal On A Used iPhone

When you’re hoping to find a cut-price bargain in used iPhones, the iPhone 8 Plus is a great place to start. It’s a versatile model that has a range of features you won’t want to be without. There’s the benefit of Apple’s All Bionic Hexa Core 2.10GHz Processor that provides smooth, fast connections whether you’re surfing the net or making a call where it’s compatible with the efficient 4G network. Combined with 3GB RAM and either 64GB or 250GB, you’ll have a reliable iPhone that gives a great performance wherever you happen to be. Battery life is impressive with almost fifteen days on standby and approximately twenty-one hours of chat time. It should also be compatible with a universal mobile charger and wireless charger.


Looking Good

You’ll be able to find Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus in a choice of black, white or gold with vibrant, haphazard splashes of colours such as red, orange, blue and purple. The outer casing measures 7.81cm by 15.85cm which provides you with a generous screen of 5.5 inches that can have up to 1080pHD for crystal clear images. When it comes to taking photographs you can rely on this compact iPhone to give you an excellent all-round service. The front camera has 7MP and Facetime HD for detailed selfies and the rear 12MP camera is an ideal alternative to a regular compact camera. It has a dual lens with a wide angle for amazing landscapes and a powerful telephoto lens with a focal length of 2.8 to capture details with incredible clarity. Weighing just 0.53kg, the 8 Plus is suitable for long spells of handling.

Versatile Deals

The iPhone 8 Plus was only launched at the end of 2017 so there should be many high-quality, affordable bargains waiting to be found that might cost around a third or half of its original price. You can look through the listings of various online marketplaces but you will have to rely on the vendor’s assessment of the item for sale. An alternative is to search on a comparison site such as Compare My Mobile where you have the reassurance that vendors are vetted on a regular basis. There is usually an extensive choice of refurbished phones from the most well-known brands and models at competitive prices which are frequently stable for up to two weeks allowing you plenty of time to make a decision. Stock levels fluctuate but one of the best opportunities for an exciting deal is in January when many people have enjoyed receiving new iPhones as Christmas presents.

Why Choose a Refurbished iPhone?

A refurbished iPhone has been checked by a professional technician who makes any repairs if they are required and tests it thoroughly. You can be sure of purchasing a smartphone that has had the previous owner’s data entirely removed. It should perform exactly like a new one. The only difference you should expect it a graded cosmetic appearance which can vary from mint condition to wear and tear such as a few scratches.

Great Deals

Purchasing a refurbished iPhone has the choice of a contract for around two years which involves a credit check or buying the handset outright. The latter option has the added advantage of a Pay As You Go format which can sometimes prove to be more economical depending on how you use your phone. The iPhone 8 Plus offers a superb range of usable, relevant features and you should be able to find some incredible deals if you know where to look.

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