Is It Worth It to Do a Paid Advertisement on Instagram?

If you are on edge about investing time and money on Instagram ads, there is a good chance that you are not aware of the pros and cons. In recent times, social media marketing is almost synonymous with the use of Instagram. The colorful layout, the friendly design, and an abundant user base have paved the path to effective paid advertising on Instagram.

The use of Instagram ads is easy to learn and can be mastered with experience. At first, it could take an amateur some time to find the right niche market on the application, but with time it will be sure to provide a stunning return on investment. Once linked to the Facebook business page, you can efficiently run well-optimized ads with a few clicks and tweaks.

The platform provides a simple and easy to use dashboard that allows you to select any types of ads. These can be targeted to a very niche user base and add a particular call to action. For example, if you are looking at law firm marketing services, you can tailor-make ads in your specific area of practice.

These ads can be any duration that you and your brand deem fit. If you are running a campaign that is season-dependent, then they can be programmed to function for that specific time window.

It can even be customized to particular times of the day each week. A significant advantage is that changes can be made to these ads at any point during the campaign.

Another excellent value add is that these ads can be executed and managed by a single person. Unlike conventional advertisements, these do not need a large team with multiple moving parts. With a single person leading the whole fort, the cost of advertising will go down a significant amount.

Instagram has a leveled playing field. There is no bias towards big brands or small brands. With the right techniques and experience, all brands can achieve the same footfall. The costs of ads, the placement of real estate or the engagements with the ads are not driven by money, but by strategically designed pattern recognition.

While there are many practical benefits to investing in Instagram ads, there are also some features from the application that give you an upper hand. Here are some of the critical elements of the app that can make advertising on Instagram a sound decision.


Specific Targeting

Like most social media ads, these too can be targeted to a particular demographic. The platforms give you the options to manage your ads on many parameters.

These can be area, age group, gender, and interests. When it comes to conventional advertising, these are not the luxuries you can control.

Higher Visibility

One of the critical elements of good advertising is visibility and brand recognition. The more people see the work of your brand on social media, the more your brand stays on their minds.

This is a trigger for sale when the need shall arise. Using Instagram ads once can create a strong brand presence among select market groups.

Assign Better Call To Action

If you look at advertising, the message might vary from brand to brand. The internet has enabled us not just to target our ads but also to direct the audience to the exact page or action you wish for them to take. For example, if you want users to sign up for a product subscription, you can use the call-to-action button to link them precisely to the desired page.

Content Diversity

Instagram has been the top choice for many brands because of the vast content options they offer. You can either run ads on Instagram stories, Instagram feed, or both.

Additionally, you can also pick the template of a single banner, multiple images, or even a video/animation. This range of options makes advertising for Instagram a very lucrative option.

Product Tagging

If you are a product based company, then Instagram is the perfect storefront for you. Using the Instagram Shopping feature, you can design an ad that showcases your products and a direct link to the product page. Using this feature, a potential buyer will not just see a poster of the product, but they can also click and buy them right there.

Click Tracking

In comparison, let’s consider a newspaper ad. Once this ad is placed, you can only hope and pray the ad has reached people. The circulation count of the newspaper is not a definite number of the people who consumed your ad. However, with Instagram ads, you will get a detailed report of how many saw your ad, and also know how many clicked to the CTA button.

Visual Advantage

Digital agencies around the world agree that the aesthetic beauty on Instagram is one of the reasons for its success. The user interface is perfectly designed to keep users hooked on the app for hours together. By creating an ad that fits in with their interface gives your brand a crucial advantage and millions of content-hungry users.

Build A User Base

Instagram ads, unlike other conventional ways of selling, also allow you to interact with the people you are targeting. Using comments and opinion polls, one can track the feedback from users in real-time.

This gives you the freedom to alter or stop the ads based on the reactions. Since customer satisfaction is the end goal, why not keep track of it in real-time?

If you are a small business or an individual brand, then this platform is a great place to start building your base. Since the users here do not just consume your ads, but they can also follow your page. This keeps you on their feed long after the campaign has ended, and when your brand is ready to start a new project, your followers will already be at your doorstep.

To Conclude

With the endless advantages that Instagram ads can bring to your business, there is no reason to put these ads on the back burner. These evident reasons have been the backbone of many success stories. Instead of spending time on the dated ways of advertising, try this new and improved way of reaching more people.

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