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Know who your enemy is:

Business whether online or physical needs utmost attention and time of yours in order for it to progress. With the passage of time as the business grows, you would notice a bit of hindrance or an obstacle coming in your way in the form of files, strategies, recipes and any other confidential stuff vanishing. In most cases, it’s the internal side that is causing the bleeding of your company which if not realized at the right time can eventually lead to the liquidation of the company.

A timely audit:

Even if you keep a regular watch on your employees, there is no guarantee that the corruption has ended there. Above your employees sit the top management which usually has less or no observation over them. In some cases, the head of departments is the one involved in such unlawful activities which they preach only because of no observation. Hence to prevent this from happening and to restrict unauthorized devices, a proper annual or semiannual audit would be just fine in order to notify each employee (top or mid-level) to either stop the wrongful activities or not do it all.

Hold on to the employees:

Know that an employee leaving your company doesn’t mean you save at your expense but you eventually lose more not only in terms of productivity but also in terms of monetary expense. To replace the recently resigned individual, you have to provide a better package, change the security protocols and last but not the least to gain the trust of the new person which can only be done through time. Hence, an option that suits better is to keep hold of your employees if they are competitive enough and not let them go as replacement takes time, effort and money.

Online backup:

Creating an online backup is one of the easiest methods of making sure that you do not lose your data even though if you lose your device. Employees in most of the cases face this troubling issue where their hardworking data gets wiped away in a few seconds and they have to do the task again just because they didn’t create a backup of their data. Hence, create a backup and eliminate regret factor.


By all means, do remember to encrypt and lock your data as encryption is a solid barrier that exists between you and the snoopers. This is done by making your data encrypted and turning it into an unreadable form that can only be read when decrypted. Encryption can be either internally or externally but the later type is rather more feasible which can even cost you.

Run a background check:

Before hiring any employee, you can do the survey using their information in the company they worked for. This would help you get a better idea of what exactly you are dealing with. The past records of an employee show a lot about the character of a person which wouldn’t be highlighted at the time of the interview.


The company you made isn’t an overnight success and it took time and effort of yours to make it what it is today. You need to be very sure in identifying with whom you are dealing with and how safe your data is. If there is a bit of doubt in the security standards you implemented, you should take measures of precaution to avoid the concept of regret.

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