Manage Your Emails with Digital Assistants

Manage Your Email Emails with Digital Assistants

Sending an email and receiving email is not a tough task but when you are doing this work as a professional then managing emails can be a bit confusing. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore because Snovio has come up with such tools which can manage everything.

You may not handle all emails and also need to schedule the sending of emails, following up the emails, verify the emails. It’s not the task of one person but now it is possible to do with one click with the tool of Snovio. Let’s know what are the prominent tools of Snovio to manage your work emails.


Email finder

To follow up an email it is highly important to get the appropriate email on time. You can also get some more services with the email finder tool. Let’s know what are those services.

  • Find any email from anywhere with this tool. You just need to visit a webpage (e.g., the professional social network search page) and click the extension icon. After that, save the emails into one of the prospects lists.
  • Find business leads by domain names. With the help of this feature, you can search for any domain name that can bring you business leads as well. You may get exposed to something that you have not expected.
  • This tool also helps to watch over company profiles. You can filter the search and choose one or a few companies. The search will be finished pretty quickly and you will have a ready list of leads from these particular companies.
  • If you have a list of names and domains, simply upload it to the service, and it will find email addresses of these people for you.
  • Enjoy the benefits of boolean search. You can collect more leads from the boolean search tool. You can get information about probable candidates or any other leads towards your business.

Email verifier

You can find one more tool offered by Snovio which is the email checker tool. You really cannot ignore the benefit of email verifier tool after knowing what you can do with this tool. Email verifier is similar to a strainer. Like a strainer separates the unwanted particles from the desired liquid, this email verifier tool works the same. You can block the unwanted emails and get the emails required inbox. There are much more benefits that this email verifier tool provides, let’s know about those benefits in details.

  • More accurate results: You may have gone through various email verifiers but Snovio offers the most accurate email verifier which works in real time.
  • When you are using this tool to verify emails then you will expect it to be delivering fast results. So that your work process doesn’t get interrupted because of this. Snovio offers the fastest email verification tool which accompanies your work on time.
  • You can try these amazing benefits for free as a trial. Snovio offers the chance to try out the benefits of the tool without any investment.

Snovio offers deliberately effective tools for email management which not only offers great benefits but also reduces the employee expenses because this tool can do the work of more than one employee.

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