Real Estate Marketing 101

For any business to succeed, it needs a strong online presence. It is especially true in real estate, an industry where networking is essential and competition is extreme.

For agents wanting to take the next step, it starts with providing extensive information, both visual and written, and implementing a well-thought, thorough social media campaign.


Going the Extra Mile

Whether you are a private real estate agent or work in a large corporation, your biggest task is to provide a comprehensive, reliable service to prospective clients. Like airlines and any other service-related industry, the customer has a choice. They don’t have to choose your company or yourself. As such, if what you provide is substandard, they will quickly go elsewhere.

In the digital age, this means information. It means tangible, useful information that can be used as a guide in the client’s decision-making process.

For example, let’s imagine that your client visits your site and finds nothing but promotional content about residential properties. Even if that is what he is looking for, hundreds of companies provide the same thing. So why should he choose yours?

One way to answer this question is by providing more content on your website. Examples include how-to articles on the key factors to consider when purchasing a house or a detailed list of legal processes you need to go through to get a mortgage approved.

This type of content will not give your organization extra income. Still, it will let clients know that you care about them, and you’re not just there to make a commission.

Remember also that if you have a website, it’s best to hire a respected SEO company or content marketing provider. They will guide you on the best strategy to make your site stand out.

The Power of Social Media

One of the many benefits of social media’s geometric growth is having direct access to your customer base. Yet, what many businesses fail to recognize is that information is not about quantity but rather quality. People don’t like to be bombarded with digital ads and all kinds of promotional content. Instead, they are looking for filtered data specific to their needs.

As a result, your real estate business should have a clear social media marketing strategy, one that includes:

  • Online events where people can participate in games, interviews with your CEO, or a question and answer session. People want to be involved in what they are buying. If somebody is looking for a house, they want to know who they are buying it from, why they should buy it, and how to best go about it.
  • Back and forth feedback between the agent and prospective buyers. Like the first point, potential customers want to get as much information as possible on the properties they like. It is true for both individual customers and commercial clients looking for an office, factory, etc.
  • Target-focused marketing. You should know who your target market is. If you’re selling luxury homes to wealthy individuals, don’t focus your online marketing campaign on a Facebook or Twitter paid ad. Use direct marketing through email or business communication apps.

These and other pointers will help you create a much larger following and promote your real estate business to the right people.

Virtual Tours and Webinars

We have already spoken about the importance of quality written content in your real estate site. Let us now dive into it a bit further. Two examples of great visual content to attract potential buyers are virtual tours and webinars.

First, let us look at virtual tours. No matter how beautiful your pictures are or how attractive the property you are selling might look on paper, there is nothing that will captivate potential owners more than seeing the property live.

A virtual tour accomplishes several things. On the one hand, it gives the viewer a 3D, interactive perspective on what the property looks like, its size, location, natural lighting, etc. On the other, it saves both time and cost for the agent.

Of course, a person will never buy an apartment before being inside it. However, if they like what they see in the video, their decision is often already 90% made.

In terms of webinars, they provide buyers with knowledge, something everyone can appreciate. Examples of excellent ones include avoiding real estate scams, choosing the best time to buy, or even interior decoration or home improvement.

The real estate business is one of the most competitive industries you can ever be a part of. But, if you focus your attention on providing valuable content and use social media to your advantage, your chances of success will be much higher than most.

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