Samsung Galaxy S11 may not just be Samsung’s next phone

A brief look at Samsung’s trends in releasing the Galaxy series of phones, it is almost natural to assume that Samsung’s next phone to be released to the market is the Samsung Galaxy S11. Even though the phone is set to hit the stores next year, it might just not be the only phone that will be hitting the market, this is according to some recent leaks. Although the Samsung W20 5G foldable phone is rumoured to be launched in China to effectively compete with the Motorola Razr 2019, more information that is coming to light suggest that a new international release of a souped-up version of one of its star handsets could be in the offing.

According to some publications by Slashleaks, a top information breaker, the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite could also be a phone to look forward to in the near future. According to the source, the phone comes equipped with some impressive specifications. These reports suggest that the handset comes with an impressive battery with 4,370 mAh, which is much bigger when compared to any of Samsung’s phone in the market right now. Its worthy competitors only come close, like Samsung Galaxy S10 which packs 3,400mAh battery whilst the Samsung Galaxy S10+ comes with just 4,300 mAh. The S10+ is the current leader in this category and seemingly be soon overshadowed. The battery life to this thing could be off the chains.

Furthermore, Forbes had also earlier this year published information alluding that the phone will most likely incorporate Samsung Galaxy S10s top end Snapdragon 855 chipset. If this is anything to go by, then the S10 lite will be a force to be reckoned with coming with a massive 8GB of RAM. Apart from the fact that you have the option of upgrading the S10 to 12 GB of RAM in case you are adamant on buying it, then the S10 lite looks like a better deal to go for, or until Samsung Galaxy S11 hits the shelves sometime next year.

There seems to be information just floating around because another source apart from Slashleaks and Forbes, this time from SamMobile. The reports claim that Samsung is working on handsets that has two front-facing pinhole selfie cameras coming together with two rear camera lenses. According to these reports, the rear cameras have faced a downgrade as a way of cutting down the price of the mobile phone to claim the suffix ‘Lite.’

These reports do not give extensive handset specifications thus there is not much information to draw conclusions from. Hence, one is left to wonder what else Samsung has eliminated from the said upcoming handsets to make the worthy of the lowered prices. These reports leave a lot of questions answered but one thing is clear, we should not be expecting the handset to support 5G or any other features that come with the brand’s top-of-the-line range of handsets.

However, one thing remains clear amidst all these reports-Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is going to hit the shelves any time in the coming few weeks. This is because releasing the S10 Lite just before the S11 hits the stores does not make any practical sense. Since 2020 is just a few weeks away, all likelihood points the release date for this phone to be somewhere just before the Christmas festivities. Therefore, we should be expecting the announcement sooner rather than later. This gives phone lovers something to look forward to even as the Black Friday deals are slowly taking shape all over the world.

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