Social Media for Your Company: Understanding Its Functions and Benefits

Despite what most people think, some don’t like social media. When people talk about social media, some individuals cringe at the thought of sharing every tidbit of their lives online for everyone to see. But, if you run a business, you should use social media because it is one of the most effective marketing tools today.

In areas like Melbourne or Sydney, anydigital agencycan tell you information about digital marketing. For instance, if you don’t have a social media presence, you might not expand your reach to its maximum capacity. That’s because 90% of the world take to social media to learn about almost everything.

Do you want updates about news like Australia’s bushfires? Check Facebook or Twitter. This is because almost every news outlet provides real-time updates on this harrowing event. So, even if you don’t use Instagram, you need to use social media for your business to thrive.

Fortunately, there is a way you can delve into the wacky world of social media without having to expose your whole life like Kim Kardashian. Here is a guide for social media newbies. Read on and learn how touse social media.


You share details, not show off.

Most people who don’t like social media are opposed to it because they don’t want to share specific details of their lives. Not everyone loves to share what they ate for lunch at Romans Original.

Instead of thinking that you need to share what kind of meatball sub you had, you can tell people how sumptuous your sandwich was. By changing the way you think about sharing on social media, you’ll be able to use this platform to your advantage.

If you think that sharing something on social media educates people, you’ll be more comfortable about using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Let’s use the example of Romans Original and say you’re a tour guide. If you want people to find cheap but delicious foods, you can share on Instagram every sandwich you ate at that restaurant. You can also include reviews of these sandwiches.

You’re the master of your domain.

Don’t think of social media as a venue where everyone is required to share everything. Remember that you have control over what you want to share on your Facebook account. If you don’t want to share any personal details about yourself, you have the right not to share any.

Besides, if you use social media as your marketing tool, you can share information about your business only. For instance, if you run a bike rental shop, you don’t have to share your photos biking through Main Yarra Trail. You can post only pictures of the beautiful scenery in that trail. Your customers can still like what they’ll see.

You don’t have to follow everyone.

You don’t have to follow and do what everyone does on Instagram or Twitter. You can choose to support individuals or companies you think are relevant to your business’s nature. For example, if you run a scuba rental shop, you can follow people on Instagram who are avid divers.

You’re in a community.

Finally, think of social media as a community and not a platform for unnecessary sharing. Most people avoid social media because they feel like everyone goes there only to showcase their weekend getaways. Think of social media as a community where you can converse with other people about their and your interests. It won’t feel like a venue only for bragging facets of your life.

Social media is not your enemy. Even though the trend is to share as much as you can via social media, you always have control over what you want to show to other people. Learn to curate your posts. Social media will be your greatest tool in promoting not only your business but also your own identity.

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