Ways to Increase Real Estate Sales

The real estate industry saw an upswing during the pandemic after the U.S. Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to boost economic activity. This increased home sales as people took advantage to buy their first homes.

But it also saw home prices going up due to the low housing supply. A year after housing demand increased, it went down as high home prices and low supply tamed the market. With this, real estate professionals should work harder to connect with their clients and close a sale. Here are some tips that these professionals should consider if they want to increase sales.


Create a Professional Image

Selling real estate requires trust between the real estate professional and the client. To build this trust, the real estate agent should display a professional image so clients will respect and trust him. To project this professional image, real estate agents should look well-groomed and wear appropriate office attire when working with a client. They should also avoid wearing a lot of accessories and too much perfume.

When they meet with a client, real estate agents should be attentive and courteous. They should also maintain good eye contact and engage their clients. Real estate agents should also use high-quality photos for their marketing materials. The text should be compelling and free of spelling or grammatical errors.

Since the pandemic highlighted the importance of connecting online, their websites should look professional and updated regularly. They should also maintain a social media presence that offers engaging posts to clients.

Promote the Brand on Social Media Platforms

With around 72 percent of American adults using social media, real estate professionals should maintain a social media presence to connect with their customers. They should develop a personal brand online through social media marketing. This also allows them to generate high-quality leads with whom they should communicate.

Using social media allows real estate professionals to nurture prospects and convert them into buyers. They have several social media platforms to use, including Facebook and Instagram. They should promote the properties they are selling on their social media accounts and engage anyone interested in the properties.

Use Technology in the Profession

The situation has improved over a year after the pandemic started. But some people are still wary about going out due to the emergence of new variants of the virus. In this situation, real estate professionals should take advantage of technological advances to work with their clients and meet their needs.

Aside from connecting with them through their websites and social media accounts, real estate professionals should also keep track of their leads using database software. The software allows them to update the status of their leads and ensure they remain in contact with them. It also synchronizes with the mobile devices of real estate professionals.

Real estate professionals should also help their clients install apps to buy a house on their mobile devices. The software facilitates their search of properties that they are interested in. It is safe and easy to use, which increases the chance of turning a potential client into an actual property buyer.

Facilitate a Virtual Tour

Since some of their clients prefer to stay home, real estate professionals should facilitate virtual tours for their clients in case they find properties they are interested in buying. These virtual tours allow the clients to check the property in the comfort of their homes.

The National Association of Realtors(NAR) noted an increase in the number of sellers using virtual tours when the pandemic started. This reflects the prevailing trend as people value their health and safety when it comes to buying a home.

So, real estate professionals should facilitate virtual tours for their clients by creating videos. They should also use the videos as promotional material to entice other potential buyers to check out the property. Hiring a professional to make the video is a good idea to allow the real estate professional to focus on developing his leads and making a sale.

Create an Eye-catching Video

Aside from a virtual tour video, real estate professionals should also create eye-catching videos of the properties they sell. They should post the videos on their website and provide a link on their social media accounts.

Uploading the video on video-sharing sites is also another option. But they should make sure to provide their contact details on the video so that interested buyers will get in touch with them. Using live streams is also an option in case the real estate professional has no video ready for uploading.

The real estate market is competitive, especially during a pandemic. So, real estate professionals should work hard to connect with the clients and seal the deal.

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